Thursday, December 14, 2006

And we're back! Sorry for the delay, I was sans-Wacom for two weeks then sans-Internet for another week and a half, but from now on expect much more frequent updates. Today I bring you a creation called "Scared". It started out as a concept drawing for our Software Engineering project until the first line looked a little like the beginnings of an eye... and the rest is history.

The question I'd like to pose is: why is he so scared? He looks positively terrified- is he afraid of the girl? Will she see certain hints through the towel that he'd rather she didn't? Is he worried she'll think he's a pervert, wearing a towel around? Perhaps she is an assassin hired to kill him, or an ex he greatly wishes to never lay eyes upon again. In any case, this guy has good taste in bathroom decor. LOOK AT THE CUTE LITTLE DUCKIES OMG.

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